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MAC Pick'em Week 7 Results

I'm going to make this short and sweet, since I'm still paralyzed by Western's just awful performance today.  So, only one person guessed that Western would lose, yet they messed up with 3 of their other picks.  This, combined with everyone else's picks, created a 6 way tie for first, and a 5 way tie for 2nd.  That close.  However, that same person that picked NIU to win, also picked them as high team.  So congrats to our 5 time winner, I think, OHBCats.  Stop winning so the rest of us have a chance. 

Results are below.  See you Wednesday:



Matt Sussman 11
OHBCats 11
WMUpilot 11
ChippewaBlue 11
HuronBoy 11
bull_trojan 11
Brown and Gold 9
rlonghini34 9
bmiraski 9
slidingscrapes 9
geeves 9