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MAC Pick'em Week 8

Well after hiding for 4 days, I'm finally back. The wounds have healed, or at least I "donated" my blood to rid myself of the plague that was Saturday's WMU game. Anyways, enough about me, and more about footbawl!

So week 8 is special in that it is the last "normal" week we have this year. After this, we have a 4-game week then Tuesday games, so I need to specialize rules from here on out.


Starting WITH NEXT WEEK'S RESULTS, the Pick'em will be open for the following week when the results are published. That's right, we're going back to the start due to Tuesday/Wednesday games.

Also, we have a major note in scoring. Starting November 1st, you will be able to submit your picks late. However, there will be a penalty. To make it fair to the people that get their picks in on time, you will be docked the "bonus" points, and any game you have missed will not be counted (obviously). This should allow people who cannot submit picks in 2 days to still get in.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head.

Here are the overall standings so far:



Matt Sussman 91
OHBCats 90
Brown and Gold 89
WMUpilot 88
ChippewaBlue 87
HuronBoy 86
rlonghini34 85
bmiraski 82
slidingscrapes 81

SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A 2-pt Saturday)

Northern Illinois @ Buffalo - I have to. It would be punishing myself NOT to after the spanking Bronco nation got from NIU last weekend.

Western Michigan @ Eastern Michigan - Western going for their 2nd Football Michigan MAC Trophy, and their first since the inaugural one in 2005. Eastern going for their first since 2008 when they retained it due to a tie, and since they won it in 2007. Western wins based on the fact that they now have a lot to prove to the rest of the MAC after last week's debacle.

Central Michigan @ Ball State - I can't pick CMU. They don't look good, and they hit the road to face a Ball State team that still doesn't have me sold as a contender. We'll find out as they head to K-Zoo next week.

Temple @ Bowling Green - Is there any team hotter than Temple right now?

Ohio @ Akron - It's Akron. Even a battered Bobcat team can beat the Zips right? Right? Anyone?

Miami @ Toledo - Is there any team hotter than Toledo right now?

Kent State vs Bye - Tough call. Kent State can't score on air. Air can't score at all. So I'm tempted to call a draw.


High: Toledo
Low: Akron