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Hustle Belt MAC Power Rankings: Week 8

Getting into the meat of the season, and it sure seems like an appropriate metaphor for the conference. Some teams are looking rather carniverous (Temple, Toledo in conference play), while others are looking like rather toothless, frail vegan waifs (Akron, Kent, BGSU since conference play). The Falcons make the big jump this week, and everyone else just shuffles around a bit.

After the jump, ye find yonder rankings treasure.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 3 (5-2) As expected, they ran over, around and through the Bulls' defense. Welcome back to the top, Temple. Please stop screwing with our expectations by doing things like not showing up against Toledo.
2 1 (4-3) Boy was that not the result that I - or any of the rest of us - expected. Hope they can handle what has been an impressive EMU running game, since they clearly couldn't handle the Huskies.
3 4 (4-3) Still climbing, though the complete lack of first half production may be cause for concern.
4 2 (4-3) This defense needs to get healthy NOW.
5 6 (4-3) Back in the win column after Lembo and Wenning held off Ohio, they appear to be the definition of an "o.k." team.
6 7 (4-3) The defense faltered early, but more or less shut down WMU - certainly more than their offense needed them to. I can rank them appropriately when I see consecutive similar performances.
7 8 (4-3) The offense did indeed rebound, and it was just enough to beat Radcliff. Now they face a team that is getting good at sucking at defending the run.
8 5 (3-4) And the slide continues. Perhaps the teams they beat earlier in the season are MUCH worse than we anticipated?
9 9 (2-5) Radcliff was impressive…the defense much less so.
10 10 (2-5) Nice that they got that annoying "winning" thing out of their system against Ohio.
11 11 (2-4) Wow. One offensively productive drive and nine points. That's not enough to beat anyone but Kent (and maybe Akron).
12 12 (1-6) Are we there yet? And by there, I mean 2012.
13 13 (1-6) This team continues to remind Roosevelt Nix why sometimes it's a good idea to leave early for the draft.