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Hustle Belt MAC Player of the Week: Alex Carder

Western Michigan's Alex Carder - WINNAHHHH!
Western Michigan's Alex Carder - WINNAHHHH!

Yeah, I guess since the dude threw for almost five hundred yards and five touchdowns (37 for 51, 479 yards, 5 TDs) in pretty much single-handedly leading his team past UCONN, I can give this week's award to Alex Carder. Granted, his performance was dictated in part by a defense that struggled to keep the Broncos in the lead, but this award is all about individual performance, regardless of how you got there, right?

Honorable mention this week to CMU's Paris Cotton, who helped the Chippewas take down an unimpressive NIU squad with 20 total touches (carries and receptions) for 225 yards and 3 TDs.  As for third place, those bums get buried below the jump.

Akron's Jawon Chisolm - 25 carries for 122 yards and one TD plus one catch for 5 yards, and an eight yard touchdown pass. Wasn't enough for a win, but nice to see the offense getting some kind of rhythm.

Eastern Michigan's Dominique White - EMU's "other Dominique" toted the rock to the tune of 28 carries for 164 yards and two scores (anyone - say, cmadler - know what's up with the switch in Dominiques?)

Miami's Nick Harwell - 6 catches for 149 yards, though his one big grab to set up a first and goal (and possible lead) for the Hawks was followed by a pass interference penalty that crushed their drive. He does, however, now have 26 catches for 450 yards in only three games.