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Former Akron Student Commits Suicide In InfoCision Stadium

Really stunning and sad news out of Akron on the morning of game day: according to Dan of Mocking the Draft, an Akron student committed suicide by shooting himself and was discovered this morning in the first row of seats at midfield. As far as he's been told, there has been no announcement that the game will be delayed or postponed from its scheduled 3:30 kickoff time.

Doing a cursory Twitter search, the first one to provide the most details was @RyInCBus, who says the body was discovered around 10 a.m. today and the individual was an ROTC student.

You have to think that the gates will open pretty soon for their game against Ohio this afternoon and I can't imagine if someone has to sit in those seats and enjoy a football game knowing what was laying there a few hours ago … yikes. My gut says they'll have to delay this game, at the very least.

As is the case, we'll have more details as we locate them.

UPDATE 1: Well, there's an Associated Press story on it. The body was found and it appears to look more and more like a suicide.

CLARIFICATION: Still not much is known about the man, but he was a former Akron student.