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MAC Pick'em Week 8 Results

Well I hope everyone liked the "easy" points.  From here on out we go down to compact points and quick picks.

This week was crazy.  NIU barely held on, WMU never showed up, and BG shut down Temple.  So who won?  Well if my math is correct, two people jumped back onto the radar and captured the title.  However, one missed the High-Low (I mean, sure the high was somewhat easy to pick, but who had WMU or Temple as the low?), the other had no High-Low.  Therefore, due to a tie, your winners are.................geeves and bull_trojan.

Complete scoring below.  Enjoy your week everyone, and get ready for the lightning round!



geeves 12
bull_trojan 12
OHBCats 10
Brown and Gold 10
WMUpilot 10
bmiraski 10
HuronBoy 10
ChippewaBlue 8
Matt Sussman 8