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Last week before the lightning round. I hope everyone is enjoying the time bonus we all have enjoyed thus far. Nevertheless, we must press on. Our overall standings are below, and we have our first person to break the 100 point barrier. 5-6 more could join him by week's end.



OHBCats 100
Brown and Gold 99
Matt Sussman 99
WMUpilot 98
HuronBoy 96
ChippewaBlue 95
bmiraski 92
rlonghini34 85
geeves 82
slidingscrapes 81

Picks after the jump


#10 Central Michigan @ #12 Akron - While the power rankings have this as a 2 spot differential, the actual differential between these two teams is probably close to astronomical.

#7 Bowling Green @ #13 Kent State - When we have people jokingly saying air can beat you, you know you're bad.

#3 Ball State @ #8 Western Michigan - While Western has looked awful these past two weeks, I cannot pick against them at Waldo Stadium, where they are outscoring opponents by 85 points, in 3 games.

#11 Buffalo @ #9 Miami - Tough call, but I have to go with the Bulls. They haven't been too bad. And Miami only put up 9 on Kent State.


High: WMU
Low: Kent State