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Video: David Blackburn Does What Tight Ends Aren't Supposed To Do

Central Michigan hasn't been remarkably chipper this year (a 2-6 record will do that for you) but the Chippewas had a play last weekend that I just couldn't let fall into the forgotten archives.

David Blackburn has been one of Ryan Radcliff's favorite targets this year, leading his team with five TD receptions and is second in overall catches. He had two touchdown catches in their 31-27 loss to Ball State; the first one, he was wide open in the end zone. Easy peasy.

But his second one ... let's just say he had some more work to do.

Ball State does not have good pass defense at all (worst in the MAC, which was compounded by CMU's 436 yards and three TDs via the arm) so that may be why Blackburn disposed of them rather quickly. But there was some serious action on this 60-yard scurry. That first move to avoid two defenders was probably the most impressive, but then his burst down the sideline and cutback inside the 10-yard line, followed by his strength to push two would-be tacklers into the end zone with him, make this arguably the best tight end run in the MAC.

So, uh ... don't provide him open space next time.