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MAC Pick'em Week 10: The Lightning Round

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Welcome everybody to the lightning round. We have huge jockeying for 1st place right now, so anything goes here in the last few weeks. Since this is also the recap, I am inclined to tell you that last week's winners fought through a tie, but couldn't beat each other on the low. Therefore, our co-winners are................Matt Sussman and bull_trojan.

Don't forget kids, starting this week we enter "Lightning Round Rules". If you need a refresher, look over the changes by clicking here.




Matt Sussman 9 108
WMUpilot 9 107
OHBCats 7 107
Brown and Gold 7 106
HuronBoy 5 101
ChippewaBlue 3 98
bmiraski 3 95
geeves 9 91
rlonghini34 0 85
bull_trojan 9 83



Northern Illinois @ Toledo - Toledo becomes the first bowl eligible MAC team courtesy of NIU's defense. Toledo knows that a win here could very well wrap up the MAC West for them.


Temple @ Ohio - This is tough. Which Temple team will show up against Ohio? The one that obliterates teams or the one that loses to Bowling Green? I'm going with the first, just not a blow-out.


Akron @ Miami - I made the mistake of not taking Miami last week, and it cost me 1st place. Akron almost came against a crummy Central team, but Miami re-asserted themselves in the MAC East for the time being.


Central Michigan @ Kent State - I honestly think this is the hardest pick of the week. I mean really. Which team for both of these teams shows up? I have to go with Central based on the fact that I still can't see Kent State moving the ball well consistently.


Ball State @ Eastern Michigan - Eastern can prove they are MAC West contenders with a win over the Cardinals, and with an entire week to gameplan, I'll give them the edge over Ball State. Chirp chrip.


High: Toledo
Low: Akron