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MAC Pick'em Week 6

Happy Hump Day everyone! So this is the part where I usually show the overall leaders going into the week. Well, I don't have that information on me at my current location. Basically, if you really want to know your overall standing THAT BAD, you can do one of two things: A, email me begging me for mercy and for me to show you your total; or B, take your score from last week and add it to the overall totals I posted for the pick post for week 5.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets look at Week 6. We are starting to really hit conference play hard now. Three schools are finishing up their non-conference schedules this week, but everyone else is in conference play. And all the games are in a nice tight block too. All 10 games start between 1 and 3:30. Pure, American, Fall, Afternoon Football. A week like this is worthy of the rare 3-point weekend.

To the jump we go for the picks!


Rankings courtesy of geeves

Army @ #13 Miami - I almost thought about giving this game to the RedHawks, but then I remembered just how bad they are.

Florida International @ #11 Akron - Sure FIU has lost their past two games. But they lost by a combined 9 points, to teams that are bad, but not awful. Akron is awful.

#3 Temple @ #5 Ball State - This is tough for me. The Ball State bandwagon is filling up rapidly . Temple looked awful last week. But I know how good Temple can be, and Ball State still hasn't won me over yet. Here's your chance Cardinals.

#4 Bowling Green @ #2 Western Michigan - Two teams that have risen to the top of the list as contenders for their divisions. Bowling Green has shown flashes of a good game. However, I like Western with a replenished line, and their amazing air game to win this one with help from their D.

#7 Eastern Michigan @ #6 Toledo - Toledo absolutely put to rest any doubt people had about them coming off a tough non-conference season. They put themselves back into the discussion for the best team in the MAC West.

#9 Central Michigan @ North Carolina State - Central has looked good at home, but horrible on the road. North Carolina State is coming off a tough loss to Georgia Tech. NC State was embarrassed against Cincy, but I don't think they are that of a team.

#1 Ohio @ #10 Buffalo - Ohio is banged up. That might help Buffalo keep it close, but I don't see the Bulls pulling it out.

#12 Kent State @ #8 Northern Illinois -NIU has just looked awful on D. Kent State has looked awful on offense. I think that Chandler Harnish wins this game himself.


High: Toledo
Low: Akron

UPDATE: Keep with my sad tradition of never being able to remember everything, I forgot the game of the week poll. It's up now.