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Hustle Belt MAC Power Rankings: Week Six

Wherein we find WMU continuing their climb (thanks to everyone's player of the week, Alex Carder) while Miami finishes their freefall to the bottom (no thanks to an offense that didn't get anything accomplished). A few other teams shuffled around, like NIU's defense continuing to pull the Huskies south, but most other moves were a byproduct of those three games. Oh, and of course there was Toledo embarrassing Temple.


After the jump, ye shall find my pearls of wisdom. Which may or may not still be "buried in the sand in a clam" quality.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 2 (4-1) Tettleton continues to carry this team, and their defensive issues/injuries…get to take a break, given their upcoming schedule (Buffalo, Akron, and Ball)
2 4 (3-2) Needed more offense (and lacked more defense) than I expected against UCONN, but still got the job done. Time to get on a roll against a very weak schedule in the next month.
3 1 (3-2) Bernard Pierce carried the ball four times for four yards the entire second half. Every time I tuned in, Chester Stewart looked lost…and/or was on his ass. This is no way to win even one game, let alone a MAC title.
4 3 (3-2) Well, that went about as poorly as it could have. May have to start calling Schilz "The Man Who Single Handedly Kills His Team With Turnovers"…would never fit on his jersey though. Not the best time to meet up with WMU
5 5 (3-2) Blown out by Oklahoma - not very surprising…or meaningful for that matter. Of course the #2 team in the country is that much better than a middle-of-the-pack MAC team. They may be able to right the ship against an uncertain Temple team this weekend.
6 7 (2-3) Boy did that defense make Temple (all rush offense, no pass offense) look like garbage. I expect a repeat performance against an identical - and less talented - Eastern Michigan team.
7 8 (3-2) Held the running game together nicely in spite of injuries, just enough to hold off Akron for a win. Much like with CMU, let's see them do it again next week on the road at Toledo.
8 6 (2-3) This defense is really bad. Sad to say, but at this point I'm not sure how soon they'll win again if they don't take down Kent.
9 11 (2-3) OK, so they do have an offense after all. It's just one game for now, but once you've done it it's easier to do again. Except maybe not against NC State.
10 9 (1-4) Chazz Anderson's 68-yard touchdown was the lone highlight in an unsurprising beatdown in Knoxville. Anderson even split time with Chris Zordich, so we'll have to keep an eye on that now. Ohio's injuries may not be enough help.
11 12 (1-4) Looks like the offense might be legitimate, but that might not matter without a quarterback capable of keeping defenses honest, or a run defense to get the ball back. Next week against FIU should be similar, if not the same result.
12 13 (1-4) Blocked a punt to start a drive on Ohio's 23 yard line - only to have WR Jacquise Terry throw an interception on the very next play. Welcome to Kent's season. Maybe NIU's defense is the remedy?
13 10 (0-4) What was I saying about inability to outscore opponents? Yeah. Opened the second half with a drive where they had first and goal from the one and scored zero points. Have fun with that Army triple-option.