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MAC Pick 'Em Week 6 Standings

What a week!  Miami pulled a surprise on most of us, Buffalo did the same, and Western and Temple really put a hamper into some people's picks.  All in all, just the first week of MAC games.

With a new week comes a new winner.  He made all the right picks, except Buffalo, earning him 16 points.  Your winner this week is..............WMUpilot.  I think you were part of the 5 way tie.  Whatever.  Congrats.

Overall standings will be up for the Week 7 post.  Quite a bit has changed in two weeks.  We have co-leaders, one of whom saved himself by picking every game right, except one.............  But that is saved for later.



WMUpilot 16
Brown and Gold 15
ChippewaBlue 15
HuronBoy 15
bmiraski 15
slidingscrapes 15
Matt Sussman 14
rlonghini34 14
bull_trojan 14
OHBcats 13
tmerrifi 12
geeves 10