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MACTracking: Licking of Wounds

This sure was an ugly week. Yeah, Al Golden and his boys put together another impressive near-win, but that was about as bright as it got this weekend for recent former MAC employees. Turner Gill and Jerry Kill both struggled mightily for another week and have no real end in sight to their struggles. Lets head past the jump and discuss this mess, shall we?

Al's Miami squad fought hard again. Both Jacory Harris and Lamar Miller have looked very impressive, and in a relatively weak ACC, that should be enough to at least reach a bowl game. Just one problem - if you're going to do things like allowing a touchdown on a QB draw with 56 seconds left on fourth and one? Odds are you are going to lose more than just a game against ranked Virginia Tech.

Our other alumnus...usses? Did not fare so well. the Minnesota Gophers looked bad again yesterday. I don't care if the team is young, they've lost their last two games by a combined 103-17. Marqueis Gray might be an impressive athlete, but your team can't do a whole lot with a kid who is a better athlete than passer when your team is always having to pass because they get so far behind so early. They get a bye week to take a breather, but then they run right into Nebraska. Brace yourself, Jerry.

Speaking of getting far behind early, jesus bloody hell Kansas' defense is a joke. They stepped onto the field with a 7-0 lead and sacked Brandon Weedon on the opening play from scrimmage. Weedon then went 16 for 18 for 223 yards and 4 touchdowns - in the first quarter. Read that again. Kansas has now allowed 1,900 yards of offense in their last three games. As if that wasn't bad enough, their next three games are: #3 Oklahoma, #17 Kansas State and #22 Texas.

Tune in next week for: Can Miami turn "nice try" into "nice win"...can Cincinnati keep rolling at much worse will Oklahoma beat the Jayhawks that OSU did?