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Video: Marcus Rivers Has Magic Fingers

From Drew Haddad to Naaman Roosevelt, Buffalo ... well, actually that's been their two receivers of note throughout their MAC years.

Marcus Rivers hasn't had the career to be mentioned in their breaths, but despite all of their struggles he's had a solid year as the team leader in receptions. In their 41-13 loss to Miami, Rivers hauled in seven passes for 69 yards. It should've been 6 catches for 40 yards, and that'd have been a very unmentionable stat line. Thankfully he was able to focus on this pass as he was going out of bounds:

T'was some nice throwin' action by Chazz Anderson to drop it right into where Rivers could only catch it ... and almost to where nobody could catch it. The 29-yard catch was on a third and 7 play, which eventually led to a goal-line rushing score by Anderson.

The Chazzman has demonstrated some really awesome passes this year but also has been the malefactor behind some puzzling decisions as well. You can see why he had trouble breaking the depth chart. And yet here is video proof why he's doing enough to be UB's main quarterback in a rebuilding year.