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Our 2011-12 MAC Basketball Preview Guide

The season already began, which means we already know more than when these were written. Still, it can't hurt to keep this handy dandy guide by your side as these teams start to tarnish all these predictions and educated guesses about how the MAC will unfold:

Western Michigan preview — It'll be tough to bring down these wild horses.
Toledo preview — A complete two-year overhaul.
Northern Illinois preview — Mostly freshmen, completely diminished expectations.
Eastern Michigan preview — They're like NIU, but have green jerseys.
• Central Michigan preview — One step at a time, Trey.
Ball State preview — Don't forget about them; they're dangerous too.

• Kent State preview - Somehow they ain't the landslide favorites...
Akron preview — ...mostly because of these kangaroos.
Miami preview — A possible swan song for Charlie Coles.
Ohio preview — Can they D.J. their way back to the dance?
Buffalo preview — Sleeper potential but likely .500.
Bowling Green preview — Team basketball without a true star.