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Hustle Belt MAC Power Rankings: As the Weeks Bleed Together

Not too much change this week, outside of a small drop for the Broncos (towards the middle - what a shock!) The Rockets have a better conference record than the Eagles, but I am not promoting a team through the rankings when they surrender 63 points in consecutive weeks (and, for all I know, might do it again this Friday night against Central).

After the jump, you will find all of the lack of changes you desire.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 1 (7-3) An impressive win against the Falcons, though I'm not sure how much was the defense really shutting down the Falcons.
2 2 (7-3) They keep winning, so I keep them up here.
3 3 (6-4) Probably should have beaten Ball State, but they still have an outside shot at the title with continued success and a little help.
4 4 (6-4) They have a better conference record than EMU, but I am not upping the rank of a team that has allowed 63 points in back-to-back games.
5 6 (6-4) "Bye week" after the Wenning show pulled one out last Saturday, let's see if he can keep up with the chunks of yards his D will give up to Harnish
6 7 (6-4) I was right, the Coyer era is here - maybe he can take some notes from Army's nice rushing attack next weekend.
7 5 (5-5) Alex Carder threw for 550 yards and 7 TDs and lost. What else can I say? Another .500 season, probably.
8 9 (4-6) Not quite enough to take down Temple last week from Dysert and company. Good news, they get to face Western's D next go round.
9 8 (4-6) And the slide continues. Would be nice to have anything else to say.
10 11 (3-6) Took care of business against Akron despite missing three extra points. Kent's D has allowed their opponents inside the 30 yard line 10 times the last three games, resulting in four FGs and two TDs
11 10 (3-8) Plenty of offense, but Radcliff is racking up big numbers mostly because the Chips spend all day playing from behind. That's unlikely to change against Toledo.
12 12 (2-8) Not very different that Central Michigan. Just a blah year in Buffalo
13 13 (1-9) So much for that little bit of life. You can't win when your only offensive talent is your running back.