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MAC Pick'em Week 12

After a fairly predictable week (only 2 games were close, and both ended in the predicted outcomes), we have separation at the top. 3 people went perfect last week, and 2 people nailed the high-low on the button. So your winners for the week are...........OHBCats and ChippewaBlue. Congrats. With the win, OHBCats moves into first with a 3 point lead over Suss, and 7 point lead over myself. Still, nothing is settled with a minimum of 25 points still to be had in the postseason alone (MAC Title, and 3 automatic bowl bids). Anyways, heres the table:




OHBCats 16 131
Matt Sussman 12 128
Brown and Gold 14 124
WMUpilot 10 121
ChippewaBlue 16 120
geeves 16 117
HuronBoy 12 117
bmiraski 14 113
bull_trojan 10 105

Here we go, gettin' down to the nitty-gritty. Enjoy the 3 point bonus this week everyone (if you dare to use it)


#5 Ball State @ #1 Northern Illinois - As much as 3 extra days should help Ball State in this game, think WMU-Toledo: It still won't result in a win.


#2 Ohio @ #9 Bowling Green - After seeing Bowling Green get steam-rolled by NIU, it's hard to pick them. Ohio playing for the MAC East, and they take this game.

#7 Western Michigan @ #8 Miami - Going out on a limb here and predicting Western FINALLY stops a team. At least, they stop them enough to pull out a W and get them bowl eligible.


#4 Toledo @ #11 Central Michigan - Toledo can score at will almost. Central is bad. I still don't know how Central beat NIU this year. Everyone is wondering that with each passing week, as NIU rises, and Central falls.


#13 Akron @ #12 Buffalo - Last week was the pillow fight? Someone forgot to tell Kent State who CLOBBERED Zippy (never mind the 2 blocked PATs and failed one too). This week should be better, with more fluff than you can shake a stick at. Bulls at home.

Army @ #6 Temple - SURPRISE!!!! Here is the last non-conference game in the MAC. Temple pulled a magic trick and hid this wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy late. Army has the best rushing offense, but the worst passing offense. In fact, they are averaging 300 yards more RUSHING than PASSING. Not hard to gameplan against that. Army is 0-3 against the MAC, and will be 0-4 after Saturday.

#3 Eastern Michigan @ #10 Kent State - I think Kent State is starting to put things together. I'm still not completely sold on Eastern Michigan. I need to make up points. I'm going with the Golden Flashes at home.

High: Toledo
Low: Akron