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OHIO-BGSU: The Falcons Keys To Winning Is Oh What's The Use

All you look for out of a MAC team is for them to keep playing better. Bowling Green has played seemingly worse throughout the season. The Idaho win appeared to be a huge road victory, casting away demons of the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl. They went to a 3-1 record after topping defending MAC champions Miami on the road. They beat freaking Temple.

But in the last two weeks their season has gone sour. Kent State found new confidence with a 27-15 win over the Falcons, scoring actual "points" — a new concept that KSU likes so much, they've been doing it a lot lately. The painful 45-14 home loss to Northern Illinois put BG in a 4-6 hole, just scrambling to avert a losing record.

This ain't gonna be easy.


I'm not exactly sure what they're playing for now. Pride? Usually it's pride, or playing time for next season. Those are really your two options. An ulterior motive could be to turn the East into a tumultuous stew of tiebreakers and preemptive fireworks. (We hope.)

Also this game's on national TV, and people whose teams play Only On Saturdays are thirsting for some action. "MACtion," they call it. College football without defense. Yeah, that's BG all right. But do they have the offense for it? We know OHIO does — they've been rather ferocious on weeknight games, averaging 35.75 points in their last four ESPN-televised conference games. They know this business.

So if I want to see anything substantive out of Bowling Green, I want to see what sort of weather they can unveil. Will it be fog? Will it be mud?


Tonight's forecast: uh ... clear. Probably because they're not playing Miami. But we can still hold out hope that a family of deer jumps onto the field. Deer stampede is my official answer. Or possibly a tornado of MAC East tiebreakers.