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Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Home Stretch

Good call by Solich's players - nothing like a freezing cold shower to celebrate a victory. <em>Ohio Bobcat Athletics</em>
Good call by Solich's players - nothing like a freezing cold shower to celebrate a victory. Ohio Bobcat Athletics

Some minor shuffling in the order this week, as I pay proper tribute to those who have succeeded (Ohio, your 2011 MAC East champion) and those who have failed (CMU, who is finally done).

With one week of games remaining, there is a little bit of drama in the West as to whether Toledo or Northern Illinois will wind up in the title game against the Bobcats, though I personally am rooting to see the Huskies, if only because I want to fully anthropomorphize my title experience.

Beyond the jump we go!

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 2 (8-3) First place accolades to our first definitive MAC title game representative. Looks like Harnish versus Harnish Jr. in the end.
2 1 (8-3) The usual story against Ball State - the offense just piled up yards, and it wound up being just enough. Maybe they won't be so lucky against EMU.
3 4 (7-4) Another win in the books, and Terrence Owens seems to finally be the guy under center. MAC title game, anyone?
4 6 (7-4) Looks like the offense rediscovered its groove against Army - it’s a shame that it had to happen after their title shot disappeared.
5 3 (6-5) Crushing loss to Kent, as Alex Gillett reminded us why he's been so damn frustrating for the past…oh…entire time he's been at EMU.
6 5 (6-5) Yet another near miss - the offense is there, but nobody on defense is really showing up now that Baker is out.
7 7 (6-5) Will probably finish the season with a win against Akron, though that's likely little consolation for a team that didn’t seem to improve much this year.
8 10 (5-6) This team is on a legitimate roll right now. If they can find a way to knock off Temple, they will have won five in a row to reach bowl eligibility.
9 8 (4-7) Miami is in a similar boat to Ball State. The Zac Dysert Show is becoming a thing of beauty, but the defense just isn't good enough yet.
10 9 (4-7) Remember when this team was thisclose to opening the season 4-0? Yeah, me neither.
11 12 (3-8) At least they dominated Akron and their paper thin offense like they should. Maybe next year they can find some more defense.
12 11 (3-9) The first team in the MAC to finish their season, and thank goodness. Still stunning that this team managed to beat Northern.
13 13 (1-10) There's always Jawon Chisolm…