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MAC Pick'em Week 13 Results

That's the end of the lightning round.  The regular season is now over, and only 4-6 games remain to pick from, but as per rules, we must now go into the "business rounds".  Before we do that however, we must look back at our weekly champion for the last time.  Our winner went perfect this week, garnishing the full 16 points out there.  Talk about finishing strong.  Your last weekly winner is...................Brown and Gold.  What?  It's me?  Oh geez, I'm so unprepared.  I have so many people to thank.  Just kidding.

Our overall standings will be posted for the MAC Championship Pick post, but I have some quick hits for everyone.  First, our Regular Season winner is OHBCats.  There is no prize, yet.  Win the whole shebang and we'll talk.  Speaking of that, that's hit number 2.  We are thinking about finally finalizing a prize for this thing.   Since it's un-sponsored, and custom (yet fairly) scored, it will be a "self-sponsored" gift card to a place to be determined by you, the pickers.  Comment below to let your voice be heard.  Lastly, if you have not been playing the past 2 months, don't waste your time picking.  Also, bull_trojan, you are mathematically eliminated (25-35 points to be had, and OHBCats has you by 43), thanks for playing.

I'll see everyone else next week.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!



Brown and Gold 16
OHBCats 14
Matt Sussman 14
WMUpilot 14
ChippewaBlue 12
bmiraski 12
HuronBoy 8
geeves 6
bull_trojan 6