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Two Years, Two Wins: Rob Ianello Is Done At Akron

Well, one way to make a lasting impression is to get stomped 69-18. Akron Zips head football coach Rob Ianello is now a football coach, but not with Akron, per Jeremy Guy.

In two seasons, the Zips scored 14.9 points per game, allowed 36.8 per game and demonstrated a real lack of competition down the stretch this season. No improvement was visible, other than a couple of standout underclassmen such as Jawon Chisholm and Keith Sconiers. You can't win in any conference, let alone the MAC, with a freshmen running back and promising wide receiver. Because every other team has that and more.

Ianello was criticized after the Ohio State game for having the score run up on them, to little avail since it didn't seem like OSU and Luke Fickell were trying to do so. He then was guilty of a classic points-chasing scheme which ultimately cost them a victory at home to Central Michigan.

And for a pro-style offense, Akron football was 119th in FBS in completion percentage (45.5 percent), second worst only to Army, who considers passing a nuclear option.

I'm not a huge believer in firing someone after two years — three is the best indicator — but athletic director Tom Wistrcill has seen enough from one of his first hires in his administrative post. It's time to move on, and it wouldn't hurt to hire a defensive mind this time.