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Bowl Bids? What you need to know

We all want to see our favorite teams in a bowl game this year.  Some of our teams are already eliminated, while a select few of us are praying for a glimmer of hope.  This is a quick hit of what every Toledo, WMU, Ball State, and Temple fan needs to know.  NIU and Ohio, you are pretty much safe by default.

First, lets go over logistics.  There are 35 bowl games, and that include the 5 BCS Bowls that none of us will even get to lick.  Each bowl game has 2 spots for teams (duh).  That's 70 spots available.

Now, as it stands right now, 70 teams are bowl eligible, meaning everyone is currently safe as it stands right now to make a bowl.

As for eliminated teams and teams that can get in, 44 teams are eliminated.  Do your math, and 6 teams can still get in.  Pittsburgh and Syracuse play each other next week, meaning we'll have 71 eligible teams, and 4 teams (UConn, South Florida, UCLA, and Hawaii)  to get in.

If you are praying for a bowl game, lets start off and say that Toledo is safe for going 6-1 in the tougher division in the MAC.  Ball State, WMU, and Temple all are fighting to not be that 1 team right now, or any other number.  Since you want to keep that number low, here is what you are rooting for from here on out:

  • Hawaii loses to BYU,
  • UCLA loses to Oregon, and doesn't get an NCAA wavier for being a 6-7 team by virtue of their conference title game,
  • UConn loses to Cincinnati,
  • AND, South Florida loses to West Virginia.
If all these things happen (and they are very likely since all the opponents are above-.500 teams), then only 1 team will be left out in the cold come bowl season.  It might be Ball State, it might be some other team from another conference, all we know is that it would probably be the worst at-large team out there.