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MAC Pick'em: Championship Edition

We are almost done folks. Just have to get through this week and bowl season. And while we won't find out our winner (in theory) until January 8th, we are down to the nitty gritty. Ok, let me lay down some reminders. First, we are down to the "Elite 8", meaning that if you aren't in the table below, you mathematically can't win, and we don't award prizes for 2nd on down.

Second, if you forgot the scoring, let me hit you with a reminder: this week is 10 points, and all bowl games involving MAC teams are worth 5. The bonus is no longer scored, but discussion is highly encouraged. Third, it is HIGHLY recommended that you partake in the tiebreakers this week if you are ahead/down by ANYONE in the table by a multiple of 5, since they are the first and second tiebreakers for the overall winner. If you want to read all this again, just click here. Quick list: MACC winner, MACC total points, MACC halftime points, total bowl points by MAC teams.

Here are the overall standings:



# of Weekly Titles

OHBCats 163 6 (1, 3, 5*, 7, 11*, 12*)
Brown and Gold 158 3 (5*, 12*, 13)
Matt Sussman 156 2 (4, 9*)
ChippewaBlue 148 1 (11*)
bmiraski 140 0
HuronBoy 139 1 (5*)
geeves 137 1 (8*)
WMUpilot 135 2 (5*, 6)

(#) = week(s) won.
* = tie for the week.

If you notice a few ties and no other "tie-ee" it's probably bull_trojan, who won I think 5-6 weeks, but missed 2 others.

Pick after the jump


Northern Illinois Huskies over Ohio Bobcats- This is hard in my mind. My gut is telling me that Tyler Tettleton torches the suspect Huskie defense and hands NIU their 2nd straight loss in Detroit. My mind is telling me that Chandler Harnish remembers last year's debacle and puts the team on his back as he downs the Bobcats, who come out of the weaker East Division.

Lets look at both teams' common opponents.



@ CMU 41-48 L 43-28 W
vs Kent State 40-10 W 17-10 W
@ Buffalo 31-30 W 37-38 L
@ BGSU 45-14 W 29-28 W
vs Ball State 41-38 W 20-23 L

What's first weird is how all 5 common games were played at the EXACT same locations. What's also weird is that the 3 combined losses these two teams have is in this table, and both had a loss to 1 of the 3 worst teams in the MAC this year. They both played bad against Central (it was an 8 point game in the 4th quarter twice for Ohio), they both struggled with Buffalo (missed PAT may have saved NIU), and Ball State gave both these teams fits. Ohio clinched the Bowling Green game as time expired.

NIU has won 6 straight since that mind boggling loss a Central. I think everyone is STILL asking themselves what happened that day. Ohio has won 5 straight since losing back-to-back against Buffalo and Ball State by a combined total of 4 points. NIU has the most balanced offense in the MAC, and it's mostly just Chandler Harnish.

FINAL SCORE: NIU 38 - Ohio 28
Halftime points: 28

Good luck to everyone this week