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Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Week Ten-ish

Figured I would wait til midweek to pump out the power rankings so that everyone aside from Eastern would get another game under their belts. Yes, a week disappeared in there somewhere, just shut up. Tuesday and Wednesday night confirmed what we already suspected in preseason - Ohio and Temple are probably the two best in the east, and NIU and Toledo are probably tops in the west, pimples and all.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 2 (6-3) The defense is still a miserable wreck, but boy was that a fun game to watch. Now they get a  break before they mow down Bowling Green
2 6 (6-3) A solid win on the shoulders of Lavon Brazill and Donte Harden to become the MAC East leaders. Lets see if they can make it last.
3 4 (5-3) I bet these boys are really excited about facing that Ball State run "defense" this weekend.
4 1 (5-4) WOW. I will say it one more time - they racked up 584 yards of offense and 60 points and could not win. Not even remotely acceptable.
5 8 (5-4) Western came out on top in a shootout, which is nice for a win now but isn't sustainable in the long run. Whatever happened to that shutdown defense from earlier this season?
6 3 (5-4) They continue to fluctuate between just good enough to win and just good enough to lose. How awesome…ly frustrating.
7 5 (5-4) Probably should have won that game last night, but they also appear to have found the right quarterback going forward. Welcome to (probably) the Chris Coyer era.
8 7 (4-5) And the slide continues to continue. I appreciate Kent's defense is good, but 20 points to the worst offense in all of FBS? Yikes.
9 11 (3-5) How-do to POTW runner-up Zac Dysert and his destruction of Buffalo's (admittedly destructible) pass defense. Short week turnaround tonight, but they get Akron at home.
10 9 (3-6) Once again Central Michigan was truly impressive on offense and defense. For a half. Fortunately it was Akron, so one half of good football was just enough to win. They won't be so lucky against Kent.
11 13 (2-6) I told you their defense was good enough to win this game. I just didn't think their offense was also good enough.
12 10 (2-6) They get a bye week to marinate over a thoroughly embarrassing performance in their loss to Miami
13 12 (1-7) An impressive comeback and a little bit of life shown by Jawon Chisolm and the offense. Hope they don't struggle too much in a short week on the road.