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MAC Pick'em Week 11

What a week. Great week of football overall, even if it was a HORRIBLE week for me personally in the Pick'em (goodbye any sight of 1st place). Your winner this week, with an outstanding 12 points, is bull_trojan.




Matt Sussman 8 116
OHBCats 8 115
WMUpilot 4 111
Brown and Gold 4 110
HuronBoy 4 105
ChippewaBlue 6 104
geeves 10 101
bmiraski 4 99
bull_trojan 12 95

I guess 6 points isn't THAT bad, but it's still tough. Anyways, another 2 point weekend after the jump.


Northern Illinois @ Bowling Green - I want to pick Bowling Green, and make up some points because they probably will win this game since they do the opposite of what they "should" do. I just can't though, since NIU is now the hottest team in the MAC.

Western Michigan @ Toledo - This is the first time since the Illinois game that I am picking against the Broncos, and the first time in MAC play. I cannot pick Western even with 3 extra days to prepare because the defense is just awful. I could be wrong though.


Miami @ Temple - Here is where I make up my points. Miami has been playing well lately, and even if it is against sub-par teams, its still good performance. I'm going out on a limb and going to pick Miami in an "upset".


Ohio @ Central Michigan - Its Central.


Buffalo @ Eastern Michigan - While Eastern lost to Ball State, they did show that they have an offense. EMU looks like a good team to end the year strong.

Kent State @ Akron - OH YEAH!!!!!!! The game EVERYONE was waiting for 2 weeks ago lost a LOT of luster when Kent State won back-to-back games and moved up in the MAC East race. I still think the "Bottom Bowl" will be awful, but Kent State is showing life of an offense, and they do have that defense still.

High: Toledo
Low: Buffalo