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D.J. Cooper Sat For a Half vs. Mercyhurst Due To Tomfoolery

Well, not tomfoolery. That's a cleaned up version from the horse's mouth.

Preseason All-MAC guard D.J Cooper is going to be one of the big reasons the Bobcats do well this year. They're two years removed from their charmed run to the MAC tournament, and an exhibition game against Mercyhurst won't tell us much, but it wasn't an auspicious start for Cooper, now a junior.

It was not clear why Cooper logged zero minutes, yet from what I read he was sitting on the bench with the team. Was he hurt? Was he disciplined? All signs point to the latter. As he said on Twitter, after the jump:

Mister_BassettArmon Bassett
in reply to @Mister_Bassett

@Mister_Bassett already know slime... I can't play first half though because of some #fuckery lol
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Well ... jeez, I'm not sure that requires elaboration.

Cooper ended up playing in the second half of the Bobcats' 82-63 trouncing over Mercyhurst. Cooper got in 16 minutes with six points on seven shots, three steals, two turnovers and two assists. So nothing fancy.

If we hear/read anything else about this from head coach John Groce, we'll be sure to update the premises.