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MAC Tuesday Night Gamethread: Toledo-WMU, NIU-BGSU

Let's not pretend to shirk the big story today. The news emanating from Penn State has really frozen my opinions, rendering me unable to place them into words and cogent thoughts. Maybe someday I'll be able to make sense of what's happening, but for now I think, more than ever, a nation of outraged citizens, concerned parents and vigilant sportswriters could really use three hours of excitement.

Double fishing MAC football games seems only fitting.

At 8 p.m., two MAC games kick off at the same time: Western Michigan plays Toledo and NIU travels to Bowling Green in what could be simultaneous high-scoring affairs. (Although the BG defense might be able to say something about that.) The story will be there tomorrow morning, perhaps with more details and actual no-foolin' statements. But for now, some MAC divisional races await us.

WMU-Toledo is on ESPNU; NIU-BGSU is on ESPN2. A country hungers for some athletic competition. It's been two long days. Let's have at it. Open thread, everybody! Into the pool.