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Gamethread: Miami (Ohio) At Temple (Secular)

They always specify which Miami, but you have to think there's a large group of sports fans who think that Temple might actually be a Hebrew center of learning, or yeshiva. And I don't believe owls are kosher.


Anyways, there is MAC East clout on the line. Temple lays one-half game behind the RedHawks, which doesn't sound right at all, but here we are. Bernard Pierce is a questionable play for the game — we'll know after kickoff if he plays and how well — but the ascension of Chris Coyer to the quarterback spot will align well with the revival of Miami's offense. The unheralded Nick Harwell will be a hard one to stop downfield. If Temple wins they keep their MAC hopes alive, barely, and yet it will very much help OHIO, who'll sit alone in first place.

Ready? And ... sports!