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Jordan White Given The Password to MAC Football's Most Exclusive Club

By making the AP's 3rd team that was announced today, Jordan White has done what no other Bronco before him has: earned consensus All-American status. And with his stats this year, why wouldn't he? He leads the nation in receiving yards, yards per game, receptions, receptions per game, and is 2nd in TDs. The only reason he wont earn unanimous status (FWAA passed on him) is probably because he plays in the MAC (and Ryan Broyles, but don't even get me started on him).

This got me thinking, who has the MAC produced as consensus or unanimous All-Americans? After some research, I'm fairly certain I've nailed down the complete list for the current 13 teams. Marshall would've had Randy Moss as a shoo-in for 1st team Unanimous status, but they aren't in the conference anymore.

Dwight Smith, DB - 2000

Brad Maynard, P - 1995, 1996

*LeShon Johnson, RB - 1993 (Unanimous All-American)

*John Rienstra, OL - 1985
*Paul Palmer, RB - 1986 (Unanimous All-American)

Mel Long, DT - 1971
Eric Page, PR - 2010 (Unanimous All-American)

Jordan White, WR - 2011

* = selection while school was non-MAC

As you can see, 3 of the 8 players were non-MAC players, and that includes two of the unanimous selections. Eric Page is listed as an unanimous choice, so that makes him the only player from a school currently in the MAC to say he won the title while playing in the MAC (again, Randy Moss in 1997).

Personally, I'm surprised Central doesn't have a player on this list given their recent success. Bowling Green, Buffalo, Eastern, Kent State, Miami, and Ohio all have some ground to make up too. It's only a matter of time before everyone has a member on this list.