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Ohio Women's Crew Claims Their Twitter Account Was Hacked

Earlier today you might've seen the viral tweet going around from the Ohio University official account welcoming to the Twitterverse their women's crew club team. The handle was purported to be @ohiowomenscrew.

Wait for it. Wait for it. ... AH YES THERE'S THE OTHER MEANING.

The tweets and account have since been scrubbed from the Internet (and now squatted upon by some jokester) but our gutter minds remain. But so many questions linger. By "many" I mean "just the one," and that is "how did this get through?" Turns out that it's a rationale many a celebrity have used in the passed: we were hacked!

Here's what one of the team members explained to WOUB's Cheri Russo:

A member of the crew team says she accidentally left the team's Twitter account logged in on a computer or tablet when she was testing them at a store. From there, she believes someone accessed the account and changed the handle from the original @ohiowomencrew.

Let's see if we can picture this. They went to, say, a Best Buy in Athens and logged into an iPad, logged into their Twitter account, then left the premises. It's a little far-fetched but then again computer goofs happen to everybody. And if somebody noticed that and decided to change the Twitter handle ... then what a fortunate stroke of luck to have @ohiou share the username without noticing the obvious alternate definition.

The tweet was then spotted by student journalist @g_burkhardt04 and spread like a disease communicable through casual sex throughout the Internet. Laughs were had. Lessons were learned. For some of us.