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MAC Pick'em: Championship Review

Let's get this out of the way before the MACC reviews come in. First, congrats to the Northern Illinois Huskies for finally winning a MAC Championship Game. What a great game played by both them and the Ohio Bobcats, instant MAC Classic.

Now down to our business. We had 8 people pick, and 3 people were wrong: OHBCats, Matt Sussman, and bull_trojan (mathematically eliminated before week). That means Brown and Gold, WMUpilot, ChippewaBlue, geeves, and HuronBoy all got the 10 points. Here are the overall standings now, with everyone "Mathematically" still in it:



Brown and Gold 168
OHBCats 163
ChippewaBlue 158
Matt Sussman 156
HuronBoy 149
geeves 147
WMUpilot 145