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Paul Hershey Is Understandably Not A Fan Of Idaho Winters

In all honesty, this is the stature of a man who knows he's going to play in a cold bowl game.
In all honesty, this is the stature of a man who knows he's going to play in a cold bowl game.

As we speculated yesterday, OHIO will play Utah State in the Idaho Potato Bowl, a name that always makes us hungry for loaded potatoes. Née the Humanitarian Bowl, this is the MAC's third and last MAC bowl tie-in, but it can be perceived to some as a consolation prize. Since the Bobcats were befallen in the MAC Championship Game, this is where they go: Idaho in December, to play Utah State.

Hey, I think it's going to be an intriguing game. Both have played well as of late, USU especially. And maybe in terms of the game, he's pumped. But the location can raise some eyebrows ... especially considering the distance they have to fly.

Bobcats punter Paul Hershey, who has always been a fun and engaging man, said this on Twitter:

Idaho?? Who the fuck wants to play there in December??

(Tweet via Zach Silka)

He later responded to Silka noting that especially as a punter, who doesn't come in for but a handful of plays, the cold can really affect a man who has to essentially stand around for three hours.

Either from the blowback or from his coaching staff, Hershey soon deleted his @PHershey41 account on Sunday, effectively creating a trend in OHIO athletes who seem to get in trouble with expressing negative attitudes to the world. But at least DJ Cooper merely deleted his tweet — Hershey simply deleted the whole thing, effectively wiping out a very enjoyable timeline. He had some great jabs at Ohio State quarterback during the Michigan game, noting that Tyler Tettleton "would've made that pass" and so forth.

It was certainly the way he said it which was inappropriate, but the sentiment is understandable. The Idaho Potato Bowl is one of the only games which is played in guaranteed frigid temperatures. Most all other bowls are in a warmer climate and/or are in a dome. And if you're a Midwesterner who has ever made the trek to Idaho, you know the air is drier than Triscuits. Can't imagine how much worse it is in December.