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MAC Basketball Review: OU vs. OU, For All The Vowels

One OU left happy, the other left sad.
One OU left happy, the other left sad.

Notes from last night in MAC basketball:

OHIO 84, Oakland 82 — I'd like to say t'was the mid-major game of the night, but there are so many freakin' games, who can tell? Alls I know is that the Golden Grizz are a tough victory at home, but despite the Bobcats doing their best to whittle away their own lead late, they held on for a most impressive victory — probably their best of the year.

D.J Cooper was as efficient as you'll see, going for 18 points on 15 shots and getting an assortment of five rebounds, four assists and three steals. The Bobcats' three-shooting also helped keep them on top, with Stevie Taylor and Nick Kellogg each hitting three. The Bobcats improve to 6-1.

Temple 77, Toledo 58 — Sort of an expected outcome, but what's not expected was that they "worsen" to a 6-2 record. Temple's shooting was out of sight (63.8 eFG) although the Rockets did have 12 steals, which helped a bit but the young team was overwhelmed by athletic guards and big bodies underneath. Rian Pearson led the way for UT with 16 points and eight rebounds. Football loss: AVENGED.

Buffalo 82, Niagara 74 — And the Bulls claim victory in their metro area by knocking off Canisius and now Niagara. They also beat Cornell but lost to St. Bonaventure. Zach Filzen hit 4-of-12 three point shots to finish with 16 points. Really, the entire starting lineup had a great game and except for the 17 turnovers, it was a proud victory for them as they held onto a three-possession lead for the majority of the day. The Purple Eagles made a run at the end to get within one, but that was it.

BGSU 87, Malone 44 — Neat.

Women's games:

Buffalo 62, Canisius 57

Today's men's games:

7:00 p.m. — WMU at Detroit
9:05 p.m. — EMU at Drake

Today's women's games:

7:00 p.m. — No. 21 Green Bay at Toledo