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Let's Just Guess At The Fates Of The Remaining MAC Football Coaches

Ron English has to be the next coach to move up, because who wears a hat with an "E" on it?
Ron English has to be the next coach to move up, because who wears a hat with an "E" on it?

Well, it's official now: Tim Beckman is headed to Illinois from Toledo. This leaves us with 11 coaches coming back for the '12 season with a combined 29 years at their current posts. NOT MUCH.

But the nature of the occupation is to not be there forever. How are they all going to do? I decided to wildly speculate, and let's finally loop in the new UMass coach on this rampant brainstorming of job fates.

Ball State: Pete Lembo is going to use methodical LemboBall™ to get himself an even better job after the 2013 season.

BGSU: Dave Clawson is going to wallow through four more seasons, possibly one with a winning record, before the Falcons grow weary and can his heinie in 2015.

Buffalo: Jeff Quinn gets fired next year while trying to recruit a disgruntled Cincinnati player.

CMU: Dan Enos will also fired next year, or possibly finagles his way into an AQ conference OC job before the writing is on the wall — possibly flipping the school the bird on the way out.

EMU: Ron English is the next to go. One more winning season and he's outta here in 2012.

Miami: Don Treadwell is a tough one to read here. I think he lasts ... oh, four more years (2015) then takes a better job.

NIU: Could be wrong, but Dave Doeren is going to suffer next year without Harnish. He might be at NIU for a long haul. I'll say he goes six more seasons (2017) and then gets a better job.

OHIO: Frank Solich has settled into a groove. Three more years (2014) and he'll retire. This is how you want to exit. Peaceful and Novakian.

Temple: Lot of factors in play, but if the Owls move to the Big East then Addazio might be just fine where he is ... lasting seven years before getting fired in 2018 after they can't "reach the next level."

UMass: Catching a case of the Leap To FBS-Itis, Charley Molnar is fired in 2015 after they can't establish a winning record.

WMU: I've thought Bill Cubit has been on his way out for each of the last two years, but they're showing loyalty. Still, I say Cubes is fired in 2013 in an Amstutzian fashion.

If everybody wants to take guesses, go right ahead. It's not a pick'em — no points for correct guesses, no karma points deducted for incorrectness.