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VIDEO: Michael Porrini's Dunk That Tranquilized Buffalo

And with the (two day) wait, we get an impressive blow-by-blow of the play, along with setting, context, and aftermath. Thursday's 72-69 victory over Buffalo was accented by this slam dunk by Michael Porrini, who could probably get used to

David Carducci of the (Ravenna) Record-Courier broke it down into key points: Rodriquez Sherman's cross-court pass to Porrini; the drive from the baseline; the angle at which Porrini attacked the basket so as not to get blocked by Javon McCrea; the way the bench almost gave them a technical foul; head coach Geno Ford trying to help his team gather focus, since it was only a three-point lead at the time; and finally closing out the victory.

We've been spoiled with a lot of dunks in the national spotlight lately, so it's unfair to rank this one among them. This one seems more akin to an acquired taste; it didn't look all that spectacular at first, but then the more you read about it — Porrini is just 6'2" and this type of shot is unlike him — then this keeps getting pretty cooler with every additional watch. I mean, he didn't jump over a car hood or anything ... I hope that suits you.