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Let's Not Count Western Michigan Out Of This Either

Taking Eastern Michigan to the woodshed in Ypsilanti wasn't very nice, guys. I know you have something to prove, but couldn't you have at least given EMU the chance to win? Ah, you say there was no other choice? That makes sense.

Western Michigan didn't take long to blow this game (and their lead) wide open from the onset, cruising to an 87-60 throttling of the Eagles at the Convo Center. This probably isn't the way EMU had intended on retiring Earl Boykins' No. 11 jersey. Other than Brandon Bowdry and Derek Thomson, nobody had more than five points. So there you go — and Bowdry was a dreadful 4-for-19 from the field.

Offensively, it was a battle under the basket that WMU treated like the Battle of Bull Run. Forty-two of the Broncos points came in the paint to just EMU's 16. Those that weren't made turned into free throws, which Western properly downed (they were 20-for-24). It was ugly.

We talked about "the four" to beware. You might as well include the team that lost to Toledo in there. Yes, even though they're in the MAC West. Along with Akron, Miami, Kent State, and OHIO, they too finished 6-2 in the month of February, meaning they're turning it up at the right time. Their two losses were at Akron and by two to Kent State. They beat up Bowling Green, knocked off OHIO, and tore up UT and NIU. Not too shabby.

Wednesday's game at home to Ball State will be one to watch; it basically crowns the division winner.