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Miami 58, Eastern Michigan 56: Didn't Buzz In On Time

If I can find video in the next few days, I shall. But here's what happened, textually: Eastern Michigan had a double-digit lead for most of the game against depleted Miami, getting the margin up as high as 19 in the second half. They were still up by 13 with 3:46 remaining in the game, but that's when MU made their move and went on a 19-4 run, fueled by four 3-point shots by the barely-used Jon Harris.

With less than two seconds on the clock, down two, EMU ran a hook-and-ladder-type play where the cross-court in-bounds pass went to Brandon Bowdry, who passed it to Derek Thompson, who heaved it up from 35 feet and sank it. But the buzzer-beating shot was waved off by the officials who had a little monitor, and rather than cheating death, the Eagles were done in by a complacent finish.

Just an atrocious finish. Yes, the Eagles have a poor record, but they are seriously underperforming. The win over Akron might've been a turning point, but this collapse at home to Miami, struggling to rotate even seven players, pretty much erased any momentum. EMU falls backward to 3-6 in the MAC, while the RedHawks stay afloat and find themselves in a three-way tie for second place with Bowling Green and Buffalo (both who lost today) at 6-3.