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President Obama Picks Bowling Green To Upset Georgia Tech

Obama picks Bowling Green to upset Georgia Tech. (screenshot of <a href="" target="new"></a>)
Obama picks Bowling Green to upset Georgia Tech. (screenshot of

Obama usually has a solid rationale behind his upsets, but with the accompanying video he starts the talk at the Elite Eight. So that's no fun. He also picks Princeton, which is where Michelle Obama went as an undergraduate. Pretty sure he has no relatives that went to BG, so this was a pure basketball pick.

He knows that Bowling Green went to the Sweet 16 in 2007 as a 7 seed, beating Oklahoma State and upsetting Vanderbilt along the way, but last year he didn't think BG, a 12-seed, would take down 5-seed Michigan State. And he was correct.

Like I wrote earlier, BG has many factors favoring them. For one, the game is in nearby Columbus. They're going to have the fans on their side (both true BG fans and Ohio State adopters). From a basketball perspective, both teams play great defense. And if you want one more plus in the Falcons column, they have way more experience. Tech has two seniors; Bowling Green has five seniors, including three starters: Lauren Prochaska, Tracy Pontius, and Jen Uhl. BG is also a way better free-throw shooting team (79.6% to 64.9%). And finally, BG has more balance on offense; you have to worry about five, maybe six people from beyond the arc.

Game's Saturday at 11 a.m. on ESPN2/ESPN3. Get at 'em, ladies.