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CIT Second Round: Buffalo vs. WMU Open Thread

Next Game

Buffalo Bulls
@ Western Michigan Broncos

Saturday, Mar 19, 2011, 2:00 PM EST Tournament, Second Round
University Arena

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I can't quite figure out this voodoo bracketing the CIT is practicing, but here's how it's gone so far the best I can gather:


Cool, huh?

This is one bracket that doesn't care about its shape, and that's so refreshing to see in today's image-conscious tournaments. The CIT is just as God made it. The voodoo gods, that is.

Buffalo-WMU were paired together for the geographical convenience, but this is MAC on MAC tournament violence. The Bulls won a game in Kalamazoo earlier this year, and handily — 79-68. Will it happen again? Who's got the mo'

Were this a MAC tourney game, it's a No. 8 traveling to a No. 2. There are no numbered seeds in the CIT. They don't believe in them. Just brackets au naturale.

It's a MAC-CIT open thread, Charlie Brown.