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This Bears Repeating

Believe it or not, basketball is continuing outside the WNIT. Connecticut defeated Arizona 65-63 to advance to the Final Four. UConn is having a tremendous run after going 9-9 in the Big East, winning the BE Tournament, and now they're headed to Houston.

The 9th-place team in most leagues is lucky to make the NIT. The 9th-place team from the Big East just made the Final Four.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Yes, that's true! Most teams are fortunate to get nine teams into the postseason.

That reminds me of another certain 9th-place team last year:


Georgetown was ranked No. 14 in the Associated Press poll and reached the Big East Tournament final as the 8-seed. The 2009-10 OHIO Bobcats finished 7-9 in the MAC, was given a #9-seed in the MAC Tournament, and actually had to on the road in the first round. They beat a Big East team by 14.

So, cool run to the Final Four, UConn. Sucks to hear about Georgetown, though.