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Nobody Tweet About Coach Rumors Until All Players Are Informed

The news of Geno Ford leaving Kent State for Bradley had the majestic timing of a brass robot. Hopefully we can all agree on this part, even if maybe kinda sorta the BU job is a skosh better. That's as far as I'll go.

While the VACANT sign remains on Ford's old office (Rob Senderoff is the interim coach for now), there remains another facet of the story. It's not unique to this situation, and it happens pretty much everywhere.

MAC Player of the Year Justin Greene heard about the news on Twitter and naturally griped about how he heard the news. Said @juzblaze34, who was just named an AP All-American Honorable Mention, "It’s not that he left ... I know this is a business. It’s how he left. You couldn’t tell us?"

First of all, it's always that he left. This is a sad thing. Geno Ford is not Kent State's coach anymore. We understand that. Please own up to these feelings if they exist. As for hearing about news on a breaking news microblogging platform? Well, I don't know what else to tell you. These types of stories are always leaked out into the media minutes, hours, a full day before they're finalized. Welcome to sports news.

Even as a Twitter user, you can be sure the bright young Greene is a tech-savvy media consumer and demands immediacy from his outlets. Of course, when you're part of the fishbowl, it can really bite when you hear about pertinent information about your playing career from a cold, distant third party.

But this happens. While internal communication is always important in a business and an athletic department, sometimes you hear about things first from outside parties. Unpleasant things. Coach-getting-paid things.

And if Greene continues his basketball career, he's going to realize that the SBNs and ESPNs of the world are likely going to report on it first before everybody in the organization has been brought to speed.