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MAC Tournament: West Division Systematically Eradicated In Two-Hour Span

MAC Tournament Quarters
MAC Tournament Quarters

That didn't take long. And nobody put up too much of a fight. Northern Illinois held around for a half, Eastern Michigan wouldn't complete go away in the second half, Toledo actually made a field goal, and Central Michigan probably didn't. But this means that convention won over chaos, at least for today.

We are now in the Round of Eight, and the MAC East is everywhere you want to be. In fact, of men's and women's teams, only Miami women didn't make it to Cleveland. But first, let's look at the teams whose years are mercifully over, since they combined for 32 wins on the year.

Central Michigan: Third in the MAC West isn't much to write home about, given who was worse, but a 10-win season is something to build on. Also, The Flying C has the full recap.

Northern Illinois: Xavier Silas is now gone, perhaps to the NBA, and the coach might be too. But I think we all rather knew that they'd be bad this year. When a team finishes 9-21, the sentiment is usually "well, that was disappointing." But was it? In the season preview I totally nailed how many conference wins they'd have.

Eastern Michigan: This was just a terrible year for EMU. I expected much more. I can't say for sure that Brandon Bowdry will make it to the next level, or if Charles Ramsey makes it to next year. A lot of question marks surrounding the rebuilding of this program. What a wasted year.

Toledo: They were just running on fumes for the last month. Injuries and inexperience ravaged the team every which way. Next year they bring on four transfers and will be put in a much better position to compete — and maybe at least win on the road. (And again, I TOTALLY NAILED THEIR WIN TOTAL.)