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MAC East Pieces: WNBA Snubs And Professor Coles


Links throughout the East division:

BUFFALO — Three rounds of the WNBA Draft and Kourtney Brown's name did not get called. The MAC Player of the Year has an outside shot at making a team, but the 6'0" forward is going to need to impress somebody, somewhere. [Buffalo News]

BOWLING GREEN — Speaking of snubs, Lauren Prochaska didn't get taken either, and this wasn't surprising either. But Nate Parham makes the case that with little depth at shooting guard and Prochaska's penchant for points, why didn't she get a closer look? [Swish Appeal]

AKRON — They took away their pro basketball, and their baseball team is *ick*, but Seattle is quickly becoming a soccer town. I know, right? And much like Akron is starting to become a soccer school, the two intertwine as Steve Zakuani had a remarkable game-winning goal on a breakaway over the weekend against the Chicago Fire. []

KENT STATE — Last year's football team didn't have much to brag about in the backfield. But Jacquise Terry has some competition at running back: Dri Archer had some impressive long touchdown runs in a scrimmage over the weekend. PAGING DR. LOGGINS. [RecordPub]

MIAMI — Fun Charlie Coles fact: in the fall he teaches KNH 336A: Coaching Techniques and Tactics of Basketball. (Registration starts soon!) And it's not just because of Professor Coles' grading on the curve, but he did receive the NCAA's Guardian of the Game Pillar Award for Eduction. []

OHIO — With Phil Bates recovering from surgery, it's time to get in some quarterback experience while they can. Tyler Tettleton (son of Mickey!) and Kyle Snyder will get some reps for the spring game. And Michael Stainbrook drops a stat of which I was unaware: OHIO was 119th in FBS in offensive plays per game. That's really surprising. Then again, the Bobcats' offense has always been a hard-to-define entity. [The Post]

TEMPLE — This isn't your little brother's offense anymore. Steve Addazio is going to play the spread, which totally shuffles the quarterback race. Mike Gerardi had the best year of any Owls player under center, but Chris Coyer might factor into the race since he scrambles the best. [Temple News]