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If Buffalo Plays A Spring Game, And Nobody Sees It...

Is it still a game?

Reminder that today's Spring Game has been moved indoors. It is now closed to the public... Full recap on Buffalobulls.comless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I don't question the decision to move the game indoors — I doubt anybody does — but if the festivities can't be viewable by the public, then why have it?

It may have happened in the past, but I've never heard of a closed-door spring football game. Practices, yes. Canceling the game because of severe weather, yes. And maybe it's because I don't get all that jazzed up about spring football games, but my understanding is that these are showcase games for the fans so they can catch a glimpse of the future team up close and personal. If nobody's allowed to see it (and they also canceled their live videostream of the game), then I openly ask what the point is of continuing with the game.