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Rob Murphy is Definitely EMU's Next Coach, Perhaps

Well, if it's a done-deal hire, then cool. Eastern Michigan's got themselves a dandy of a basketball coach. FOX's Jeff Goodman basically laid down a truth hammer saying, yes, Syracuse assistant Rob Murphy has taken the EMU job. He's going. It's done. No further questions? Okay, now go win that MAC Championship.

Oh, but quashing the donedealness of it? Syracuse boss coach Jim Boeheim:

That is definitely not true. Definitely not. No. He’s definitely a strong candidate for the job. It’s back in his home area. He would be, I think, a great choice because he knows that area. But Rob hasn’t taken the job. No. Not as we speak.

Definitely not. Definitely not.

A day ago it was Todd Lickliter as the frontrunner. Now Murphy enters the fray. (Still no word about Stan Joplin. Nerts.) So until then, the job remains vacant. Maybe there was a contract snag. Maybe another candidate wowed the university. Maybe the Board of Regents told them to re-hire Charles Ramsey. So many possibilities! We're basically going to wait this one out until Dan Dakich gets the job.