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MAC Football Goes .500 In Spring Games

Nice to see the league go .500 in scrimmages this April. Honestly you'd like to win more than half the games, but you can't be picky. Offense and defense both contributed to the victory, and there are a lot of great highlights to go around.

AKRON — Offense 82, Defense 36
BALL STATE — Red 51, White 38
BOWLING GREEN — White 10, Orange 7
BUFFALO — White 49, Blue 34
CENTRAL MICHIGAN — No score kept
EASTERN MICHIGAN — White 14, Green 7
KENT STATE — Blue 6, Gold 0
MIAMI — No score kept
NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Cardinal 35, White 6
OHIO — No score kept
TEMPLE — White 27, Cherry 26
TOLEDO — Gold 35, Blue 14
WESTERN MICHIGAN — Brown 24, Gold 14

Honestly I have trouble getting all jazzed up about these scrimmages. Good practice, bad practice ... what seems to be the big selling point on these events is for the fans who primarily cannot stomach the other sports going around in the spring. April is the midpoint between December, when seasons are usually over, and August, when optimism runs abound yet again. At least until the first game at a Big Ten stadium.

So here you are. Spring football games. Woo. So what do you think of your team?