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Former Ohio Defensive Tackle Marcellis Williamson Dies Wednesday Night

Just a horrific story coming out of Athens, via their campus newspaper: Ohio University defensive tackle Marcellis Williamson, (clarification: who played his senior year last season), passed away on Wednesday. So far there've been no details as to what the cause of death is, and we don't even speculate. (Update: One of his friends on Twitter said he died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday morning.) There's been a fury of tweets saying RIP Marcellis Williamson, and that's really all we know at this point.

Williamson played in all 13 games last year, recording 37 tackles and 3½ for a loss.

When we find out more, we'll let you know. But if this is true, the Mid-American Conference just lost a family member.

Update 1: This was Williamson's last status update on Facebook. Utterly chilling:

I am blessed to have waken up this morning!! Enjoy today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed!!

Update 2: The Post is still gathering more details, but they received confirmation from an attendant at a Euclid, Ohio hospital (where Williamson is from) that he was a a patient there and was discharged.

Update 3: Graduating senior quarterback Boo Jackson wrote to Facebook:

You always take things for granted when it is right in front of you. When it gets taken away is when you start feeling it. Say a prayer for a great person, man, teammate, friend. Marcellis Williamson #62 will always be remembered! Miss you man, you taught me so much and I will forever be greatful for you! I love you big bruh. R.I.P.

Update 4: One of Williamson's friends on Twitter is saying he had a heart attack this morning.

Update 5: The University confirmed his death with The Post.