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Fifth Round: Cowboys Take Bulls' Josh Thomas

The run that I was anticipating hasn't necessarily happened, but the MAC's top talent continues to be spoken for, as the Dallas Cowboys used their fifth round pick (134 overall) to draft a cornerback, specifically Joshua Thomas form Buffalo.

Once again, the Cowboys fill a need here with a guy who was rated as the eighth best cornerback (which, if it is an accurate assessment, is a decent value pick for Dallas. He's described as a guy who appears to be average across the board. He certainly passes the eye test (looks like a respectable athlete in his UnderArmour at the combine), but the highlight reel perhaps begs to differ. To the highlight reel!!

There's nothing glaringly wrong, he's opportunistic and, as the evaluations say, has great ball skills when he locates it. He has decent speed and instincts, but may not make it beyond special packages and special teams unless he can improve his ball recognition skills in coverage.

In addition to that, Thomas suffered two concussions - one each in freshman and sophomore years - and may need to be *PAY ATTENTION DALLAS* evaluated to be sure there's nothing lingering from that, or nothing about his playing style that is contributing to those injuries so they can be avoided going forward. Other than that, good luck rook.