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It's MAC Blogging Open Tryout Season

Hey, that was a pretty cool first year of in-season writing for Hustle Belt. Let's keep doing it. Except! You're all invited too.

Of course, the invite was always out there. It's super easy to FanPost and FanShot over there ——→ but this is also a call-to-arms for fans of the 12½ MAC schools out there. I love watching MAC sports and writing about them. Of course, there are those pesky details known as hours in the day. That, and for all those times you called me out for belittling your school, or not knowing enough about the roster ... well, here's your chance.

The goal: One lead correspondent for every school, including Temple football. And this wouldn't be asking much. A couple posts a week? How much time do you spend writing intelligent comments?

The tryout: Sign up for a free account if ya haven't. Think of something you care about. Then write a FanPost. Or if you just have some kooky links/videos/pictures to share? Contribute a FanShot. Neato ones will be place on the front page.

We're also going to be undertaking some fun feature-y articles to pass the summer months, and you can bet your bippy that I'll need your help on that.

Our recruiting budget is tiny, but we're not afraid of losing passionate fans to the bigger schools. Any questions, e-mail me — address is at the bottom.