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Presenting The Eastern Michigan MACwood Squares

EMU MACwood Squares
EMU MACwood Squares

MACwood Squares is our summer reading series on the best athletes in Mid-American Conference sports history. This week features Eastern Michigan. Looking for your MAC school? Consult our schedule for other teams and please submit your nominees as well.

It wasn't easy, but the nine have been chosen. Indeed, more non-revenue athletes deserved to be in this mix — honestly, track deserves its own set of nine — but it's finally final.

Jump through the link hoop for a one-liner on each:

Charlie Batch (football)
Holds the record for career EMU touchdowns, perennial NFL backup.

Earl Boykins (basketball)
5'5" guard who helped beat Duke in the NCAA tournament, NBA journeyman.

Hasely Crawford (track)
100-meter dash legend. Holds EMU's record, won the NCAA Championship, and took home gold in the 1976 Summer Olympics for Trinidad and Tobago.

Tavelyn James (women's basketball)
On pace to be EMU's all-time scorer, lead school to first postseason victories.

George Gervin (basketball)
Holds EMU record for season average, NBA Hall of Famer. The Iceman is absolute center square material.

Bob Owchinko (baseball)
Holds EMU record for most career strikeouts, most wins in a season, helped lead the Hurons to the 1976 College World Series final, pitched 10 seasons in MLB for six different teams.

Gary Patton (football)
Led EMU to their last bowl victory in 1987, still holds records for most rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, and all-purpose yards.

David Pureifory (football)
All-American defensive end in the '70s, enjoyed 11-year NFL career with the Packers and Lions.

Bob Welch (baseball)
Pitched alongside Owchinko on that 1976 CWS team, won 211 games with the Dodgers and A's and took home the 1990 Cy Young award.

Next week: Ball State. Consult our schedule for your favorite team.